Gerardo's Wrought Iron, Inc. Lic: # 606608   

Our History



Gerardo's Wrought Iron, Inc. open in 1990 in the Los Angeles area. As we grew we decided to move into the South Gate community for a bigger and better workplace. We had many goals but our biggest one was to become bigger and we can now say we achieved what we wanted. We are currently still in the community and continue to serve in Los Angeles area and local cities. We are licensed with the state board we have class C-23 ornamental steel and class C-51 steel structural. Gerardo Bucio, President of Gerardo's Wrought Iron, Inc.  never looked backed and today this company has been successful. We continue to succeed despite all the obstacles we never give up and for that we are still here to one day serve you. 


                   Thank you to the community and valued customers.